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About us
In todays life conditions fish farming became a very high-yield business, which requires massive financial expenses to organize it. Usually, new companies have difficulties with becoming branch leaders, and its extremely hard to earn money in such a challenging conditions. MEDUSA CAPITAL company managed to take the niche on the market, only because of uniting a few UK fish-farms. Organizing the production on the new EU market which shall be up-to-date with latest requirements, took quite a lot of money and efforts. Today, MEDUSA CAPITAL is one of the most stable market representatives, which has a lot of customers all over the EU. .

We are proud of our methods of breeding elite species of fish. Each specimen which we provide for our customers is bred in special conditions, which provides healthy existence and activity. We use only special balanced nutrition, which includes vitamins, microelements, amino-acids chosen for the particular part of the year exclusively. This allows us to guarantee the production quality, and to be sure that every customer will be happy after the purchase.

We are constantly improving and applying a brand new technologies and production methods during the breeding. The reason is, that we do not want to make our business by both polluting the environment and harming our customers. Our production is totally legal and profitable, and it has the perspectives for the following development and expansion.

Official incorporation
Each investor can be sure in the safety of his funds, as far as our company is officially registered in the UK and USA, and has all required documents. Near, there is a registration certificate, which you can check via pressing the "Check certificate" button

Why work with us is comfortable?
USA official incorporation
Our company is legal and registered in USA and UK officialy
High profit
If you invest with us, you will earn a high profit up to 150% monthly
Instant payments
No need to wait payment. Our system will instantly send your funds after your order
24/7 Support
For the convenience of our customers, we have set up a lot of communication channels. Our agents are working 24 hours a day, ready to help you with all the questions occurred.

Who are our partners?

What is company activity?
MEDUSA CAPITAL - is a young but perspective company, which was found in 2017 in USA. Since the foundation it is involved in the fish-farming - our main activity includes all the production stages, from the breeding up to the realization of adult specimens. High-quality products, up-to-date fish-farming requirements following, setting-up partnership contacts from the different EU countries allowed us to expand to the international market and to claim the trustworthy and loyal supplier of the delicatessen fish.

Production activity

Delicatessen market is currently overcrowded with the production which does not correspond with the current safety and quality standards. The majority of the production provided in the retailing is not only NOT healthy but can cause serious damage. MEDUSA CAPITAL is following the up-to-date production standards of the extra-class fish-farming, and that is point why do we have 8 equipped farms in the UK. We are in the position of responsibility for the quality, and that s why we are actually organizing all the breeding processes of the expensive specimens, we only use eco-nutrition, we do not use any chemicals or stimulators which can negatively influence the quality of the product.

Partnership with investors

After arranging the distribution channels and expanding the trading partnership with international partners, we have discovered that among the both producers and distributors of delicatessen fish, there is a majority of the unfair companies. That is why a lot of partners are interested in us expanding the scales of production. But, as far as we are only involved into the exclusive delicatessen specimens of fish, which takes quite a lot of financial expenses on the nutrition and equipment for artificial ponds purchasing, we need to involve external investments. That is why we have founded the investment project which primary target is to arrange the connection between The Company and private investors on symbiotic terms.