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News for 02.10 - 08.10

Good day, dear investors!

New working week comes and lets speal about current news for the last week.
Let's go!

About investments

Nearly 45 deposits are completed by the Syntomi plan. And at the end of this week, quantity of completed deposits will be near 150.
Congratulations our investors with a good profit!

About Partners

Week was successful for our representatives.
Here is a top 5 representatives of MedusaCapital.

  1. Newhyip - 126 affiliated users, More than 19,500 USD attracted
  2. Money - 254 affiliated users, More than 17,500 USD attracted
  3. Millioninvestor - 152 affiliated users, More than 13,000 USD attracted
  4. timinvest - 119 affiliated users, More than 4,500 USD attracted
  5. BlogvestorBiz - 106 affiliated users, More than 4,500 USD attracted

Our top leader is NewHyip for now. Congratulations, partner!
Also we invite our users to become our representatives. Read more here.

About upgrades

New payment system: Litecoin.
We want to please our investors, who use Ethereum: we started to develop an automized merchant.
So Ethereum payment system is going to be much more comfortable.

Reviews system
Our investors opinion is very important for Medusa Capital. So we integrated reviews system. You can read reviews here. We receieved more than 250 good recviews less than for a first 24 hours. It is a very good result and we are pleased for so high feedback.

Telegram - Bot
At the last week we integrated a very good function.
From this moment all our investors can make a withdrawal using our bot. Just type /withdrawal in a chat with our bot and select your payment system. All available funds will be sended at your wallet instantly.
Attention! You need to set your wallets at our site, if you did not set your wallets, you can not use this function.

Payments Statistics
We integrated last Deposits/ Last payouts statictics. From this moment, every our investor can check it.

We extended our knowledgebase: added more answers on typical questions and continue to extend our database.
If you did not found answer on your question, just write us in Telegram Skype or via ticket system.

CMS Optimization and backup system
Quantity of our investors is bigger and bigger every day. That's the reason why we made a decision to optimize and upgrade our software.
We have upgraded our CMS, and our site works 3x faster than earlier!
Also we developed a backup system to protect our users from some issues and errors.

Other news
We added 2 additional languages: German and Polish. Also we upgraded design of our blog and fixed Android app.

About site issues
1. Bitcoin deposits/withdrawals error
At 6th October our system has an error with Bitcoin. Reason of it was our Bitcoin provider. We have changed our provider and all errors was fixed.

2. Error with account login
At 7th our database was quite broken by our hosting provider. We fixed all errors and our provider recovered our database. Problem does not exists anymore.


This week was very eventful for our investors, partners and also for our techincal support:)
Thank you for standing with us, now we are working on next good upgrades:)

Sincerely, Medusa Capital.

Comments (2)

10.10.2017, 13:27
Удивляет и радует необыкновенная точность и чёткость в вашей работе. Это вызывает доверие, уже стараюсь рекламировать среди друзей ваш проект. Сама обязательно буду пользоваться вашеми услугами. Работайте подольше! lidagon .
11.10.2017, 19:28
Спасибо, рады сотрудничеству
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