• #1 Does program have minimal/maximal amounts for deposit and withdrawal?

    Minimal deposit amount is 10 usd. Maximal deposit amount is 1000 usd.

    Minimal withdrawal amonut is 0 from our side, but it can be higher due to payment provider rules. 

    Maximal withdrawal amount is unlimited.

  • #2 How can I register?

    You can register by the following link https://medusacapital.io/signup

  • #3 Which payment systems can I use to make a deposit?

    Now we accept only PayeerPerfect Money and Advanced Cash But we planning to add some payment systems like Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Solid Trust Pay etc. in further.

  • #4 How long shoud I wait for withdrawal?

    All withdrawal processes are instant. Payment will be instantly delivered after withdrawal order.

  • #5 How much can I earn by investing in MedusaCapital?

    Now we provide one investment plan: 3.5% daily for 45 days. Principal is included in daily profits.

  • #6 Does your script licensed?

    We have ourself developed script. It is much more secured and customized than usual decisions.

  • #7 Can I earn without deposit?

    Yes you can earn with our affiliate program. 

    We provide affiliate program with 5% bonus of your downline deposit.

  • #8 How can I affiliate user?

    You can find your referral link here https://medusacapital.io/partners

    To affiliate a user you should copy and send it to your partner.

    He should go to this link and register. After these steps he will become your downline and you will receieve up to 5% of his/her investment.

  • #9 Why you are using so simple design of site?

    Now we are running in test mode. We will update design in further after all test works will be ended.

  • #10 Why I can not make a deposit?

    Probably our daily limit exceeded. If you are trying to make a deposit with higher amount than available, system will show you an error and available amount for today.

    Limits restores every day at 00:00 O'clock by the server time.

  • #11 Why my withdrawal is in pending?

    Withdrawals can be moved in pending due to server/payment systems issues. 

    Please be patient: administrator will proceed your request as soon as possible, but not later than 24 hours.